• “Jason knows property, the training course and all the intricacies. Plus he is empathetic with you and your position, all while holding you accountable to your own goals and ensuring that you continue to move ahead. I unequivocally recommend Jason Staggers, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out. I doubt you will find better!”

  • “I owe my investing success to Jason and the mentoring program. His relentless guidance forced me to persist through literally 80+ possible property deals. He made sure I never deviated from my investing strategy & goals even when every deal seemed impossible. His constant encouragement, practical investing ideas, and negotiation skills resulted in my latest property deal where three different agents have quoted sales prices that will yield a profit in excess of $400,000.”

  • “I have been working with Jason for the past year and I consider him an extremely valuable person to have on my team. He is a supportive and encouraging mentor and offers a lot of valuable insight from his many years of experience in the industry. Jason keeps me accountable to my plan, and working with him has given me the confidence I need to be a successful property investor. I’d highly recommend signing up to Jason’s mentoring program to anyone who is serious about their financial future.”

  • “Investing always comes with risk, especially when experience is lacking. Having a mentor who is able to give insights and ideas is definitely a big help, especially when learning to step through the unfamiliar paths. Jason is one such mentor with patience, who always keeps me pushing my boundaries. His mentoring program definitely helps me to be accountable and responsible towards my future goals in life.”

  • “Doing this course has changed me from a real estate buyer to a real estate investor. Steve’s lessons and Jason’s guidance have saved me from making some serious mistakes in the early stages of my investing career and have taught me how to invest sustainably. I am confident that I will be a highly successful investor and the credit for that will belong with Steve McKnight and Jason Staggers.”

  • Jason’s expertise and knowledge has really helped me gain clarity on my short and long term goals. His guidance on my first property sale has helped me make $25-50k above what I had hoped to achieve. He is really supportive but asks you the tough questions, which I really appreciate, as they push me to succeed. I would highly recommend him.

  • Jason’s coaching was highly beneficial to me. He kept me in line and motivated and pushed me to achieve my goals. Working with Jason was a game changer. When I first started, my strategy was a very conservative buy and hold approach. Jason pushed me to become more outcome focused and manufacture my growth as opposed to set and forget speculation. I am now working on a townhouse development and expect a healthy six-figure profit, and I can’t wait for my next one. This type of deal was never on the cards prior to his coaching.

  • Jason’s mentoring program has been instrumental in helping me make significant changes in my professional and personal life. Jason really cares about your well being and becomes your true friend and mentor. I would strongly recommend you take up his program.

  • Jason has been a fantastic mentor to me, providing guidance and networking opportunities that I could not have found on my own. I could not recommend Jason more highly for new investors like myself, and for seasoned investors I feel Jason could take them to the next level. The confidence Jason’s mentoring has given me has allowed me to take action and commit to owning my future.

  • I have been working with Jason for over 12 months on the Property Mentoring program. I have found Jason’s mentorship to a be real value, helping to keep me on track and stay motivated. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone that is looking at taking the same path in property investing.

  • I signed up with Jason 18 months ago. I had been enjoying some good investing success but felt I really wanted to take it to the next level and needed a mentor to help with the way forward. I was drawn to working with Jason not just because of his property knowledge but because of his performance coaching background too. He helped me clarify what that next level was and set me on the path. I am so grateful for his input and honestly can’t recommend him highly enough. There is no doubt in my mind that I have been able to take my investing journey to that next level as a direct result of Jason’s mentoring. I look forward to what the future holds and am glad to have Jason along for the journey.

    Nelson Bay
  • I hired Jason as my Coach to help me with my property investment strategies. Jason is certainly the best in the industry. He is a well-connected professional and always takes the time to support anyone in his network. Jason got to know me personally, most professional coaches tend to share more about themselves then take the extra time it takes to learn the history, personal motivations and other factors that impact personal and professional goals. Jason did that and he did it well. In fact, he taught me many things, for example Strengthsfinder, which I still use when I hire someone in the company.

  • “We had the pleasure of being coached by Jason Staggers for over a year. With Jasons coaching expertise we were able to gain a focus for our business which has seen great opportunities open up. Jason’s coaching helped us to create a work-life balance which is crucial when working for your self.”

  • “Jason’s personable nature and keen insight in being able to hone in on and coach me through sticking points has helped me grow enormously in my personal and business life. Since working with Jason I have been able to achieve a level of success that was before seemingly out of reach.”

  • “Jason has been an amazing mentor for me over the past months. His knowledge and guidance enabled me to be the best possible person I could be and achieve things I never imagined. He gave me confidence and focus and kept me motivated. He has an extremely personable nature and it is very easy to engage with him. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Jason. I highly recommend his services.”


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Since 2013, I have been the only person that Steve McKnight (Founder of PropertyInvesting.com) has trusted to work one-on-one with his Property Apprentices.

Through my unique system and approach, I’ve empowered hundreds of investors to increase their profits and fast-track their progress to their financial goals.

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